WD Red 4TB Internal SATA Hard Drive

Just $119.99 $145.99
  • Shipping: FREE
  • Condition: New

Internal Hard Drive Deal by BestBuy offers WD Red 4TB Internal SATA Hard Drive in $119.99 with FREE shipping.

Product Features:

  • 4TB capacity
    Provides plenty of room for pictures, videos, music, documents and other important files.
  • Serial ATA interface
    Makes it easy to connect to your computer. The hard drive is designed for use with NAS systems with 1-8 drive bays in both 3.5″ form factors.
  • Data transfer rates up to 150MB/sec.
    For quick response when updating files.
  • 5400 rpm speed
    Promotes fast performance.
  • Low operating temperatures
    Help keep components cool.
  • Compatible with Mac and PC
    For flexible installation options.
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