Kitchenismo Premium Quality Stainless Steel Strainers – Set of 3

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Kitchenismo Premium Quality Stainless Steel Strainers – Set of 3 in $10.99 with FREE shipping for Amazon Prime or orders over $25.

Product Features:

  • DURABLE 3 PC. STAINLESS STEEL FINE MESH STRAINERS (3.35”, 5.5” & 7.88”) – Premium quality stainless steel strainers with non-heat warping, long wire handles, and beautiful, mirrored, broad rim design.
  • EASY STACK & STORE OR HANG – You can stack and store these fine mesh strainers, or hang them in the kitchen for that perfect, professional kitchen appearance.
  • FREE 5 E-BOOK BUNDLE – Make delicious treats with your new fine mesh strainers! Smoothie Recipes, Fruit Juice Recipes, Dessert Recipes, Tea Recipes and Soup Recipes.
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  • 100% SATISFACTION LIFETIME GUARANTEE! – Kitchenismo products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If ever needed, customer service agents are ready to help.
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